Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Got Impatient

So, I got impatient, so I'm going to tell you what my story's about. I need something to write about, so cut me some slack.

It's called Prove You Exist and there is this group of friends. Their names are weird, but I wanted them to be that way. Ajax Turow, Fox Turow, Magic Eyates, Strider Eyates, Wren Eyates, Jupiter Rokker, and Ranger McCallo. Ranger had two younger twin sisters, Oakley and Wednesday, who will join the group when they're old enough.
There are these things called Creepers, that feast on poor people with no money. They have milky-blue flesh and golden eyes.
Their population is growing and Wren is being sent away to Lousia K. Cartovan Finishing School, supposably the most secure place in the country. The boys try to get on without her, but it's not working. So they send in applications to the school and a big donation which helps them get in.
When the boys get there, they are amost drowned by interested girls. The most persistent are a group led by a girl named Persephone (Poppy) and her sister, Ekaterina (Kate). The girls in the group are Taylor, Claire, Mayzie, Megan, and Effie. They accept Wren into their "elite group" when they figure out that she is related to two of the boys, and knows the rest.
Basically, it's the school year and the end the Creeper population going down by generousity of the wealthier people to the poorer, so the Creepers have no food anymore.

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