Sunday, August 29, 2010

As August comes to a close, a quick recap.

So, school is back and, actually, it feels good to have a schedule to follow again. I am enjoying German (Wie heiss du?). I didn't think I would. And I got a new name for seventh period, Sabine. Pretty name, I think. I'm going to use it sometime.

Just read The Hunger Games. Wow. Ho-ly crapstock that was so great! I have got to get Catching Fire soon! Mom's gonna try and read it in a day. I'm waiting for it to get bigger than Twilight. C'mon, c'mon ...

I Will Save Her and Days (which I might get around to telling about later) are going well, too. Plots are coming together, characters are developing easily, and I find that I want to just dive into the worlds I have created and live there forever.

So, all in all, I think August went really went for me. I can't wait for September!

PS - just watched The Blind Side from Netflix last night. I lost it in the middle. Go. Watch. It.

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