Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short Stories

I recently had a teacher of mine read and edit my two short stories, Little Angels and Incandescence. She made many edits to Little Angels, and I fixed it based on her input. Then, as I was leaving her classroom, she told me that she was about half-way through (21-page) Incandescence. She told me that she gets to school at six in the morning, when the hall lights are still off and all is quiet. She told me that was when she started reading Incandescence (which is about a warehouse, an experiment, fear, and darkness) and she told me that she had to stop because she got scared. Now, at first I didn't believe her, but then I went home and turned off the lights in my basement and read the story aloud. I listened to myself talk, and I got shakier and shakier. I kept thinking that Xavier was going to run out and drag me to the warehouse and project my fears before me - that Genevieve would... Whoops! That would be a spoiler. :) Anyway, that is a huge paragraph and I used horrible grammar, but I just wanted to get that out.

By the way - Mrs. Burke, are you about finished with my book? My mom wants to read it!

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