Sunday, April 25, 2010

CD Review!

So, in the length of empty time between this post and the last, I listened to a CD.

Now, I must admit that I already had this CD for a while (one-two months) and have grown fond of it. I have also grown fond of the artist, so this review, as you may have guessed, will be biased.

The CD I reviewed is: Far by Regina Spektor!

I know, you're thinking, "Who?"

Well, let me tell you that she is an amazing singer. She sang the song "The Call" at the end of the second Narnia movie. AND! A few of her songs are in the movie (500) Days of Summer, which I have not seen. She has also been on SNL and Jools Holland.

I loved this CD. I mean, REALLY loved it. It just gets better the more you listen to it! It has a total of 15 songs and they all feature some sort of piano instrumentalization (is that a word?). The first song, "The Calculation", is very bouncy and bubbly, my favorite little piece saying, "We made our own computer out of macaroni pieces." How awesome, right?

All the lyrics have special meaning to them, and the songs have compatiblity, but are different. All together lovely.

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