Sunday, April 25, 2010

My cat has something to say.

My cat, the lovable Pickle, keeps walking over my keyboard, so I think he has something to say. Here he is:


Thanks, Pickle, for that amazing post.

Anyway, I have an announcement. I have signed up for MayNoWriMo 2010! In case you are not familiar with this website, it is where writers (such as myself) can get something done. During MayNo, 50,000 words in 31 days. Fun, yes. Easy, no. Impossible? Probably. I have succeeded in 30,000 words during January, but only because I added an excerpt from the sequel, which I am still not sure when I will get around to writing.

I have what it's going to be about. BUT! I shall not spill until May when I need something to do other than lose my sanity.

I hear a peanut butter sandwich calling my name. Why? 'Cause I'm hungry and I don't feel like cookin'.

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