Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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I wanted to tell you about my WIPs. What? You don't know what they are? *sigh* You don't hang out with teens, do you? WIP is an acronym for Works In Progress. Get it?

FEARLESS - a girl who does not fit in at her school. She rants on and on about how no one understands and how crappy life is. She sits in a corner of the busiest part of the school in between classes and draws. One day, she finds out someone is watching her. She develops a relationship with this person and s/he (haven't decided yet) teaches her to see that some people are more than they appear.

4 MINUTES - apocalypse thing. Three girls' home is invaded by gas in the air that is highly toxic. Their familes die and it is up to them to find the source . . . before their oxygen stores run out.

THE WAY THING ARE - big life, bigger family, and even bigger stories. In a family with thirteen kids (five girls, eight boys), one girl will tell what it is like. It isn't all pretty.

TRUTH - a world of war, Shadow Knights, and lies. An evil queen is ruling and ordering for the slaughter of millions of people. One Shadow Knight fights back.

BUNNY - a case of identity theft. Except, the girl knows who she is. She just doesn't know the people around her.

GOOSE GIRL - (just started) finding hope in the unexpected. One girl lives on a tiny island in the middle of a pond with dozens of geese. She says they are her family. One boy and a reporter aren't sure.

Thanks for reading all that. There are probably many that I forgot, but you know . . . I'll update them when they mosey on farther.

Ciao for now.

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