Saturday, June 18, 2011

My friends are so lovely!

You guys have watched my video for "Almight Monster", correct? Well, if you haven't, go watch it now and then read this post. I'll even wait for you.




You done?

M'kay, good.

So now you're all caught up and stuff. So, we can begin!

My friend Hannah was probably one of the first :and only: ones to watch the video and comment on it :by the way, comments make me happier than a bird with a french fry, so continue to comment, please:. Then, not only did she comment, but she liked it and faved it :I believe - I still need to figure out YouTube:. AND, not only that, but she sent the link to a friend of her's in New Mexico who is studying writing at a college there, who, in turn, showed it to her poetry class! How awesome is that?! I was so shocked I told Hannah to tell her friend that I loved her. I'm not kidding. I love :almost: everyone anyway, so why not tell them?

Also, my friend Macy and I are heading out to do some photography this afternoon around downtown and in the villages. We were texting each other about it, and I suggested the villages "for culture". And she says, "Yay! Culture!" And I say, "What culture?" And she says, "I dunno." And I say, "The corny kind." And we laughed at my pathetic joke :or, LOLed, rather:.

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