Friday, August 19, 2011


My mind was blown the other day by my close friend and class president.

We had Drama Club last year, for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, the teacher who supervised and directed the play quit when the year ended (and I don't blame him for doing so). Now, they can't find someone to take his place, which really bummed me out, because I love Drama Club.

I was just beginning to flesh out the idea that I had floating around in my head about creating a stage play from the music in The Black Parade. I had only just started experimenting with the idea when I photographed my character list (a WIP..) with my cell and uploaded it to Facebook. Not fifteen minutes later do I receive a text message from the friend mentioned above saying that she had a great idea.

Me: What is it?

Her: Well. You know how we don't have Drama Club anymore?

Me: Yeah..

Her: What if we did your play?

Me: (took me a second to register) That's a great idea!

Her: We can talk to Mrs. Reid and since we can direct, someone just has to be in the room with us.

Me: Yay! Now I have to write it. ;)

..or something along those lines. Needless to say, I was breathlessly excited. I had the plot written in a notebook, so I lent it to her to read over the weekend to get the idea. I already finished Act I: Scene 1 tonight. I want to finish Scene 2 tonight as well. Then, after we're done cleaning the house tomorrow, I'll get rolling with Scene 3 and 4.

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  1. Frankie,
    Have you spoken to mrs Reid? I'm excited to be a techie and be all alone in my little tech box again:)