Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I haven't written in a while, and for a good reason - school has begun again. It's our second day, and I hate eighth grade, but I can tell that it'll be fun. Does that make sense? Oh, never mind.

I've gone from writing Engraved, KTWGS (which may get a new title, because of this post), and a new fanfiction, Danger Days to writing the fanfic and KTWGS. Engraved's MC is becoming Mary Sue-ish and I hate that and I need to develop her and the plot, because I don't have a plotline yet. Danger Days is here because I needed something light and fun to write. I'm having trouble starting KTWGS, but I think I should have it up and rolling tonight (hopefully).

There's a specific soundtrack to each one of my novels. Music really impacts my writing, so I need to have a really specific playlist to get what I'm writing about right. Like, I can't have Lenka's "Like a Song" playing while I write a happy scene. Or "Viva La Gloria" when I'm writing a confession scene. Or "Planetary (Go!)" while writing a romantic scene. Or.. you get it.

For KTWGS, I'm listening to a lot of My Chemical Romance, because I like them and the words are excellent and the melodies are astounding. But I would like some more music suggestions. I like rock, alternative, and indie music. I'm open to folk, dance/electronica, and metal. I'm not into rap or hip hop. I like Broadway music too, soundtracks and stuff. Lyrics are important. Anything you like, leave it in a comment and I'll give it a listen to. :)

Peas, corn, and carrots.

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