Monday, April 25, 2011

New Artform

Yesterday, while me and the sisters were lounging around watching movies and eating the ears off our chocolate rabbits, I decided to put to work a kit that has been sitting on my dresser for the last... oh, eleven months or so. I was experimenting with henna tattoos. I have a lot of work on my right hand and the words "Green Day" on my left hand in Arabic. I did one on each foot this morning because we had some left over. The one on my left smudged a little bit, but it's still cool. I am hoping I don't get in trouble at school for it. If I do, it's temporary and the expression of self. That's my argument.

Anyway, now that I've done that, about two months ago I set up a deviantART page to share my work with the world. Here's my link:


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