Saturday, April 30, 2011

Music, inkpop, and Acting

Right now, I'm about to run over my Pandora hours, which is fine, considering tomorrow is May first and I get another forty free hours. I'm listening to Spring Awakening, another musical by Michael Mayer (a man I owe much thanks to cuz he brought AI to Broadway and now it's gonna be a movie). "All That's Known" which is about how everyone is so naive, but he knows what is really going on. Oh! It just changed. "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World. Amazing how diverse a Pandora station can be, huh?

Anywho, I got an inkpop account today to share my (somewhat still crappy) work with the world some more. Right now, I only have Incandescence up, but that's cuz inkpop takes forever to load. Oh well.

Also, over on my dA page, I uploaded some new poetry and two new (uber) short stories. (It changed again- "Name" by Goo Goo Dolls) The short stories are based on Green Day songs ("Christian's Inferno" and "Song of the Century") to go with the theme that I am going with; writing short stories based on my favorite songs. So far I have those two, and Viva la Gloria (based on - you guessed it! - "¡Viva la Gloria!") which may be in our school's anthology... but I think that I said that already... The poem (Under the Oak Tree) was a birthday present to my friend Shelby. It's a testament to a friendship that has stood the test of time and the stress of distance.

And I gave my debut theatre performance last night as Audrey Young/Courtney Peterson in A Nice Little Island: A Thriller put on by BMS's Drama Club. I was told I did a good job with my scream and laugh and hitting Louis in the head. (Changed again - "Basket Case" by Green Day) My parents gave me flowers after the show before the cast party (which our director crashed! XD).

AND my half-birthday was yesterday! I'll admit, I did NOT get up at three in the morning to watch the wedding, but I wanted to. (Changed again - "Uprising" by Muse) Yesterday also marked the anniversary of Hitler's suicide.

AND I only missed two points on my independent study on dreams (which Mr. Cole - Science - used as a teaching tool on... Thursday, I believe?).

Needless to say, my life has been looking up lately. :) Hope yours has been, too.

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