Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy May! (also a bit of a rant in there somewhere...)

(Starting out with "She's a Saint, Not a Celebrity" by the Foxboro Hot Tubs) Well, May is here. Has been for eight days. I was just lazy and didn't post cuz of weather, spring cleaning, and such other girly things I used to oppose but now can semi-tolerate. ... I guess that's what adolescence does to you.

I have to fold laundry while typing this. It's whites. Which means socks. LOTS. OF. SOCKS.

Yesterday, my mother and sisters and I took to Target to buy some stuff for my room and crap. While they were getting shampoo and deo and stuff, I snuck off to the Electronics area and wandered the music section. I picked up International Superhits! (the only Green Day CD without a PA sticker) and boughted it. ("Stuck with Me" - Green Day (irony ensues)) It made me happier. When we got home, we finished cleaning out our closets and our rooms. Mine looks different. Waaaaay different. We went with a green/black/white/gray color scheme. I got a Eiffel Tower poster to go with my ticky-tock clock. :) It's adollable. ("Broadway" - Foxboro Hot Tubs) My friend and I went shopping (for five hours before my second hair cut) and I got a lot of bottoms and some camis and other stuff. Then we got to the hair cut. A few days before, the same lady cut my hair. It looked good to me in the salon, but then it just deteriorated. And then, cut to school. BFF: Preety. ME: You hate it, don't you? BFF: Yeah...  So, I got a more stylish cut. It looks really good, I think. A lot better than it did. But, what made me angriest was that people were openly bashing it. I know it wasn't the best, but that's not what they were going for. THey hated it cuz it was short. Simply because it differed from the norm, which is shallower than a puddle in a black parking lot in July. I swear, if people think that other people have to look the same ("Boulevard of Broken Dreams" - Green Day) to be "cool", then I don't want to even think about what society has become and will evolve into. It's sad, really, that people can't open themselves up to stuff like that. Luckily, my friends explained their reasoning behind their dislike and it was okay. But my other "friends" said that they liked it and proceeded to talk about it behind my back. Huh. Nice way to be followers of God.

Anywho, now that my rant it over, we also got pictures done today. I wore salmon (but it's really pink, no matter how much I wish it wasn't). Our photographer got some great shots of me playing my guitar. Did I tell you I can (semi-)play "Here Comes the Sun" now? Yeah, I can. Be jealous.

("The Seven Deadly Sins" - Flogging Molly) I am also making slow progress on Insomniac, my short story. Faith is listening the rain (literally trying to decode its words). She's so sweet. I love her.

Anyway, I need to sort these socks. :(

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