Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, friends, this is it.

My 100th post.

You may bask in my glory now. ;)

This week was crappy but had some good parts to it for me. It's like that book Before I Fall. It's 490 pages of blah, blah, blah, but it has some decent parts in it somewhere.

Start out with the bad:
  • Sick - I was sick Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. But you know that, because you read my last post, right?
  • Behind - I'm behind on my work. I have to write a speech, finish a giant review packet for our Algebra final, study for our Science final, finish my Science make-up work, and some late/redo work that I have to do. Guess how I'm spending my weekend?!
  • Tired - I haven't been sleeping well lately. For some reason, I keep waking up at, like, five in the morning and falling asleep at eleven or twelve, even. It's not fun.
  • Pain - I went to the dentist yesterday for a mouth surgery and braces adjustment. It took two hours. Do you know how hard it is to stay in the same chair with a billion fingers in your mouth for two hours? For me? Yeah, so they adjusted four teeth and removed some of my gum to adjust the fifth. It was my own personal heck. For two hours. And now, I can't chew anything without it hurting. So, I'm drinking a smoothie. It melted. :(
Now, on to the good:
  • Books - I picked up my 44 books from Monsieur Maurer today. I can't wait to dive right into them. There are so many! It's insanity. There they were when I walked into the room; waiting for me in a ginormous stack. It was so beautiful! ... I feel like a nerd.
  • 3 - There are only three whole days of school left! AHH! I made it through seventh grade! Woo hoo! ... So far, this is the oldest I've been.
And... that about sums it up. 100 posts and much more to come! Peace out, cats.

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