Saturday, May 14, 2011

So, I better hold on...

(Needless to point out, I am indeed listening to "Basket Case" by Green Day. XD)

I decided to make a random post to say that my 100th post is coming up in... 4 posts. Which makes this my... 96th post. Sorry, it's the weekend, and I already had my brain melted by radicals in my Algebra book. ("You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by the Offspring - I lurhv this song!)

I also decided that tomorrow I am going to finish that homework that I put off. :) That's the bad thing about me. I'm a fun person to be around most of the time and I am really creative, but I am a huuuuge procrastinator. It's a horrible trait, I know, but God had to give it to someone, so how about someone with absolutely no time to spare. Thanks, God. I love you, too.

Time to change subjects! ("King of All of the World" by Old 97's) I found this story the other day that I wrote forever ago. It was on the old laptop on Word (I have to use OpenOffice now, so... nothing is compatible) and I noticed it and reread it and decided to put it on dA. It's called I Won't Let You Down, after a Rachel Diggs song. ("Mother Mary" by Foxboro Hot Tubs) It was surprisingly good for that period of writerwomanship... or whatever the word is.

Well, it's already eight o'clock. Time to ignore my family! I'm kidding. Time to drown out my family with International Superhits! XD

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