Friday, May 13, 2011

*insert witty post title here*

("Supermodel Robots" by the Network) So, I just got back from singing.. twice. Once during last period at school with Clare *cough*Callidora*cough*. I played my guitar and she borrowed one from Mrs. Teacherlady while her's is in the shop. We sang Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T's. It went... rather well, methinks (I had no idea that that was one word. Go figure.). They were quiet while we were performing and they howled at the end. It was fulfilling. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

There's a lot I hafta do this weekend. I want to get a jumpstart on my project for Social Studies (ANOTHER ONE! I can't even believe it. I finally get my dreams one done, school gives me a week off, and BANG! Another flippin' project thrown in my face) and write a lot. I want to finish Anna's alter ego (Adele Fournier) and write some more poetry. Maybe something for Miss Ava Maurer, a newcomer to Earth. XD There's also a Science final to study for (which I prolly won't study for) ("27th Avenue Shuffle" by Foxboro Hot Tubs) and... something else. I think it involves Algebra... and radicals. *sigh*

OH! My mother took me off the sheet for the LIT thing. I DON'T HAVE TO WORK WITH SNOT-NOSED BRATS THIS SUMMER!!! WHOO! Instead, I'm volunteering at the library and the Children's Museum (front desk only, please). Maybe some theatre too... we're not entirely sure.

Anywho... I have stuff to do and a life to get. Bye!


  1. Congrats on getting out of the LIT thing. That is a relief. Ava Maurer is super cool. She rocks your socks off! Seriously, I have no socks on.

    Don't you love us teachers who want kids working up until the last day. In your case it does somewhat suck as you just completed a project. Oh well, the year is almost to an end so hang in there. Did you record your singing? You should make a little EP and post to your blog. Go ahead and squeeze that into your busy schedule.

  2. We didn't! We messed it up a little bit because we were nervous, but I was told it was, for the most part, okay. :) If I can track down Clare and reign her in for a moment, we might just get something done and posted.

    And, I bet she is super awesomely cute as a button. My mom and I are waiting for pictures!!