Friday, July 29, 2011

Drained.. but Totally Loving It

Hey, just so you know, I copied and pasted this from my deviantART journal. There were two. Just so you know. :)

First one:

IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO GO THROUGH MY NOTIFICATIONS. A WHOLE HOUR! I've only been gone for three days, guys! Why must you bombard me with this crap (kiddings - love the work, keep it up!)?! My internet has been down, so I have two hours at the library today. AND HALF OF IT IS NOW GONE.

Also - no new Insomniac until Friday/Saturday. The reason being: I will not have internet until then and I had to empty my flash drive to fit all of the photography my friends did that I had to upload onto Facebook for them. You will just have to wait. I did finish it. I'm sort of happy with the ending, but not completely. Maybe you'll like it better than I do. :/ Who knows?

Another thinger - ~PhoenixMonroe is coming to hang out tomorrow and Friday, so we're writing a Jarper/Rev clash fanfic thing. It will be fun and possibly good enough to post TWICE!

Err.. more news..

OH! Yes. I started Paint Slave. I really should give myself a break, but I wanted to start this and I need to move away from realistic stuff to a full-out fantasy thing. It shall be fun. BASIC PLOT SUMMARY!! Dilenquent shipped to "reformatory school" by parents. School turns out not to be a school. Meets three other dilenquents and the "paint master". Becomes a "paint slave". Does stuff for the "paint master". Cue massive heat wave - like MASSIVE massive. Like WIPES ALL LIFE ON THE SURFACE OF EARTH massive. Cue shelter a few miles underground. Cue going back up and finding dead relatives (well, they think that they're their relatives.. they're sort of.. ash). Something about finding life and maybe even the four horsemen of the apocalypse or something. Not sure yet.'s still a working plot. But that's basic stuff. ~PhoenixMonroe gave me names.

Well.. I'm off to work some more and goof of and.. stuff. See ya on Friday!


And the second one:

I. Finished. It.


Because I posted it.

All of it.


Name that quote. I'll give ya a cookie if ya do.


I'm going to take a breather and write some poetry. Then get cracking on Paint Slave and Engraved because I can't commit to just one.

I got the new MCR CD and the FBHT CD. I wish they would come out with another one. I mean, I know Green Day is working hard on their new album, but I wish they would go back to the FoxTubbies for a little bit to tide us over. Just for a little bit? Please?

I thought that I had something cool to say, but I can't remember what it is. Hmm. Ninja gremlins stole my thoughts. :/ Oh well.


Yes, it is true. I did finish Insomniac. :)

I thought that the whole "I WILL FINISH THIS!" and the "THIS WILL BE EPIC!" things would be my famous last words. I really did. I doubted. I know that I didn't sound like it, but every second I did this, I was thinking, "Is this even good? Who would read this crap?" then I would think, "I want to write this. It doesn't matter if no one else ever reads it. I want to write it for myself. So I will." And I did.

I need to give myself a break. I'm going to die if I don't..

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