Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everybody wants to change the world.

It's a wonderful morning. Sunday, day of the kings. I woke up to the sun streaming through my window and I was curled up tightly. It was nice. I stayed there for a little while, contemplating where my next project (Kiss the Winter Goodbye, Sweetheart - which shall be referred to as KTWGS) would take me. How would I put some of myself into these four teenagers who have some strange talent and survive the apocalypse? How would I make the Pain Master relatable and fun and mysterious and interesting without making him the focus of this plot? How can I give Persephone the attitude of "I don't care at all" and make her be tough and off-putting, and make sure I don't have any of the guys fall for her accidentally? What are Elicio, Tully, and Persephone's talents? Why is the Pain Master special? How am I going to write the epic battle between the Higher and the survivors? Heck, the battle between the Higher's robot and the Pain Master and his students?

But, KTWGS would have to wait for a moment, while I had some pancakes and watched the Happy Days reunion, even though I've never watched the show. Then, I migrated over here to update my Tumblr, checked Facebook, went through my deviantART, looked for any Goodreads or Figment notifications, and came over here to write a new post and listen to some My Chemical Romance to get me inspired (I mean, come on, "I'm just a man, I'm not a hero..." How can that not give me ideas?) to get cracking on KTWGS. I'm excited for this project, I really am. It might be as good as Insomniac. Or not. Either way, it will be fun. And isn't that what this is all about?

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