Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fail troll.

I asked my friends what I should title my next work (giving the options “Kiss the Winter Goodbye, Sweetheart”, “Burn”, “Master of the Survivors”, and “Master of the Runners”) on my personal Facebook page. I got a few responses from my friends, asking what it was about and saying that it sounded cool, and I got this awful reply that made me incredibly angry.

“They both suck. Go back to the drawing board, you’ll NEVER win a Grammy, EVER”

I mean, really? First of all, Grammys are for music. Duh. Second of all, I would like to see you come up with something better. Third of all, why would you go and troll like that? I mean, the internet isn’t for the faint-hearted, I know that, but you really want to say that when I know where you live and our sisters are best friends? You want to say this crap when I see your face every day? I mean, why? Seriously. I’m not going to say that crap about you, so why bug me with it? I totally understand that you don’t like the titles, but tell me WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE or GIVE ME A SUGGESTION, for Pete’s sake! Go trolling on my Facebook?! Really?! And, then he continued to scroll through my statuses about my projects and commented with “meh” on my cover for KTWGS and I just want to know how to make it better! I also posted part of an MCR lyric as a status (“Raise your glass high for tomorrow, we die!”) and he says, “that is AWFULL”. Again, terrible grammar. Why even comment? This is MY page and I get to say whatever I want to. You don’t like it, leave. This is my music. My life. Get away if you’re a hater like that. And don’t think I’m going to leave it alone. I’m going to confront you about it. I can’t believe this. This is the stupidest thing in the world. I swear to God..


  1. The joys of online sharing. You have to take this in stride. I have had the same things happen to me several times. Look at how they spell and the comment about a Grammy - it is obvious that they are clueless about many things. If anything use those comments as fuel to make yourself better. Finally, this is probably someone who lacks the courage and strength to push themselves and challenge themselves like you do - and would not never think for a moment about sharing it with the world like you do. Keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Thanks, Mr. M. :) I simply asked for critism, not hate, from him and clarified the whole "Grammy/grammar" situation.