Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I just wanted to type a lot because I don't want to go fold three loads of laundry while my sister is watching the dumbest, stupidest, most low-class show ever (H2O). Here it goes.

  • My FBHT CD isn't here yet.. I'm hoping it comes today or tomorrow. Or just before we leave. It'll probably get here right after we leave because that's what happened with my book too. :/

  • I'm working on Isomniac. I know that you knew this already. I'm at approximately 15000 words right now. That means I'm a little over a third of the way there. I don't think that Insomniac will make it all the way to 50K, but I can certainly try. I'm bringing in a few twists involving the Rev and his past and his passion for grape juice. He's also probably going to get pranked by Karma and Roxelle (probably something involving Roxelle's snake, Jubilee). I won't say for what, but I assume that it's going to involve Monroe. Zane's talents are going to emerge beautifully, I imagine, but I won't tell you what they are just yet. Will and Renee, well, they're still oblivious to Faith.


  • Since we have a 22 hour drive coming up in our near future, I think that my 21st Century Breakdown fanfic should be done soon. I'll get it typed up and posted and it should be all right. This would be my interpretation of Christian and Gloria's story, based on Green Day's album, 21st Century Breakdown of course.

  • I was also watching the music videos for My Chemical Romance's Na Na Na and Sing and I loved the story in those and was thinking about 1) buying the CD and 2) writing a fanfic based on those two songs (I need my own killjoy). Maybe Welcome to the Black Parade too, I'm not sure yet.

  • Though you probably haven't read it yet (seeing as how I haven't posted it here), I was working on a story called Engraved before Camp NaNo. I'm working out the plot arc in my head and it's turning out rather well, I think.

  • I'm also going to be taking lots of photos in DC (hopefully some good enough to post here) and then when I get back, ~PhoenixMonroe and ~ReginaGeorge can have our epic photography day. We'll get together on a weekend (dressed in cordinated outfits) and drag my mom around to the Villages and to the river and to downtown to the brick walls and the fences and the rubble and the graffiti and such.. It'll be fun.

  • Yes. And I need to find a new guitar teacher because mine is going to college a year early. :/ I'll miss him, but I'll take a month off and take up guitar and piano again and I shall redeem myself with YouTube videos.

And that's what I have. Thanks for reading all of that. Kudos. Peace. Love.

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  1. Sounds like the rest of your summer is filled to the brim with your projects. Best of luck and enjoy the summers that you have.