Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Insomniac updates and other random stuff like witchcraft, photography, friends, and the Foxboro Hot Tubs

Wow. Long post title.

Anywho, first things first. Insomniac just crossed the 30K word line. I'm so happy. I had to give it a mature content warning on deviantART, though, because Jimmy drops at least three f-bombs and some other choice words as well. Oh well. At least people can still read it if they want to. They're only words to me, so I'm not bothered. If you are, don't go trollin' on my work, cuz I warned you and you will just be redirected to the Nyan Cat video and most likely called a "fail."

I went to see HP7 on Sunday with some friendsies. Yes, I will admit it, I did cry. A lot. And, we were sitting in front, so I was sure people were staring. But I didn't care. Part of me died in that theatre... and then I almost choked to death on my gum, so, I really did almost die.

Me and those two friends from HP and another are having an epic photography day on Saturday too. We're having a sleepover on Friday and going around wearing black on Saturday (which will be an extremely hot day, but we'll get over it), taking pictures. I can't wait. If you see us, say hi! We don't bite! ..much.

MY FBHT CD CAME YESTERDAY! And I haven't stopped listening to it. It's amazing. I love it. And it only cost me nine dollars on Red Tag. :)


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